I have not written in a few days. But I had a dinner last night that was one that always brings back memories of growing up. And, of course, my mother made it! I ate dinner with my parents and my mother made chicken livers over rice. I know that many people will turn away from the dish but it truly was quite delicious. My mother dipped the chicken livers in flour and then cooked them in a pan to brown them all over. She cooked them with some onions that also browned at the same time. After cooking the chicken livers, she made a delicious gravy and let the chicken livers cook in the gravy for a short time while the gravy thickened. She served them over brown rice. It was such a treat! When I was growing up, this was always one of my favorite meals. I don’t usually get to enjoy it because Paula and Theodore don’t like them. Thus it was great of my mother to cook them up for the three of us when I went over there for dinner last night. Delicious!!!!!!