Tonight we had Crispy Fish with Creamed Corn. This was one of the menu planner meals from the September 2011 Rachel Ray magazine. It was quite tasty. I had creamed corn from a can growing up and I never liked it. But this recipe called for fresh corn, heavy cream and a little butter. Quite tasty. The fish was also delicious. For our meal, we used tilapia. The fish is coated in mustard for flavor and then breadcrumbs. We just used regular breadcrumbs instead of making them ourselves. The fish is cooked in the pan for about 10 minutes until crispy on both sides and cooked all the way through. All in all it was a very easy and very quick dish. The hardest part was getting the corn off of the cob. But standing up each corn cob in a bundt pan and cutting the kernels off the cob right into the pan made it easy. All in all, it probably took us no more than 25-30 minutes to get this meal ready! Tonight I enjoyed my food with my latest homebrew, a  double IPA.