We were invited to attend a party this afternoon. Theodore and his best friends, Sam and AJ, wanted to go as well. Paula told them that they could go as long as they made a dish to bring. After some discussion, they agreed to make potato salad. I bought all of the ingredients when I went to the farmer’s market this morning.

Theodore and AJ peeked all of the potatoes while Sam cut them up into pieces. Then they cooked all of the potatoes and Paula guided them along so they would know when the potatoes were done cooking. After the potatoes were cooled down, they decided to make a vinaigrette to cover the potatoes. I was not present but the vinaigrette included balsamic vinegar, green onions, a banana pepper and if I know Theodore, garlic. There may have been a few other ingredients but I am not sure. When everything was mixed together, it was quite tasty and was definitely a hit at the party since we did not bring much of it home afterwards!