Tonight we ate a most amazing burger. Paula tried this recipe from Rachel Ray. It was called the French Onion Dip Burger. Theodore loved it since it had lots of sauteed onions. The recipe is not one to use on a weeknight but it could be done when you have a little time. You have to caramelize the onions and then add some beef consomme, thyme and a bay leaf. After the onions are nice and dark and rich in flavor, you add a little bit of sour cream. We halved the amount suggested in the recipe to keep the onion flavor strong. The burgers are not too fancy. They have some spices in them – parsley and worcestershire sauce – but those are minimal and the beef flavor is allowed to come through. Once the burgers are cooked, the onions are placed on top and we were ready to enjoy! We served this with dill pickle spears and potato chips.