Hey, I’m TJ and the other day I got up and was really hungry.  So I decided that instead of cereal I would branch out and make an omelet.  My dad usually makes an omelet on Saturday with mushrooms and cheese but I don’t like either of those so found some onions, carrots, spinach, and garlic.  Then I sliced the carrots julienne style and chopped the onions and sauteed them with the garlic until they were soft.  Afterwards I shredded some spinach, beat some eggs and got ready to make my omelet. My mom even gave me some bacon to add to everything.  I then remembered what my friend did once and cut the bacon in small pieces.  Now I was ready to make my omelet.  I put the egg in, then carrots and onions on half of egg.  Then I put some of the spinach on top of that and finally added the bacon.  Finally I flipped the egg and sprinkled the rest of the spinach on top, slid it onto my plate and dug in!!  This is what you get when you do not like cheese or mushrooms!!!