Paula made a Mazarin Torte for our dinner group today. We have been enjoying this tasty dessert for about 20 years. Our friend Violet usually makes it but she has become frail in her old age and so this year Paula took over the task of making it for all of our friends. This is a dessert that we only have at Christmas, partly because I love raspberries and my birthday falls in December. As a result, Violet always made it when we had our holiday gathering. It is so tasty! The cake is made with almond and almond extract and raspberry jam fills the inside of the cake as well covers it along with  a simple lime glaze. It is s0-oo-00 good! I am so glad that Paula was willing to give it a try. This means that I will be able to enjoy it in future years! If anyone wants the complete recipe, just let me know and I will gladly post it..