We tried something a little different for Christmas dinner this year. Instead of a turkey, we made a ham with two kinds of potatoes and a great variation on green bean casserole. Mom found this recipe in Southern Living and it was great. It was called Home-Style Green Bean Casserole. The dish calls for a homemade cream sauce (that Theodore cooked) and the topping is a combination of French’s French-Fried Onion Rings and panko Crumbs. It was really tasty.

Paula made two kinds of potatoes because Theodore did not want scalloped potatoes since it had some cream sauce and cheese in the dish. So she made him happy by whipping up a bowl of mashed potatoes. The ham was quite tasty, especially with the maple glaze over it. We enjoyed the meal with some wine that Mom bought for Christmas along with a bottle of the wine that Theodore gave Paula a surprise for her Christmas gift from him. All in all, it was a wonderful meal. My sister, Eileen, was visiting and so we enjoyed the meal with her before she flew home to New York.