Mom wanted us to come over for dinner tonight. I think that she is getting nervous about the big change with my father and the fact that she will be on her own after this week. Since Paula was working late, that was not a problem. She made us Chicken Tetrazzini. This is a great meal to have on a cold winter evening. It is relatively easy to make, which is why Mom picked it out. You need to cook some spaghetti. After the spaghetti is cooking, you take some chicken – I believe that Mom used a rotisserie chicken from the store – and some vegetables (red and green peppers in this case). You make a simple cream sauce and mix everything together. Then you put it into a pan, top with some shredded cheddar cheese and bake it until it is hot all through. Mom also opened up a few cans of green beans to go with it. She was even kind enough to make some of the dish without the cheese topping for her grandson, Theodore, so everyone was happy. It was good spending some more time with both of them before all of this changes with my father’s move into an assisted living facility.