Tonight we had to throw together a fast meal since we were very busy all day long. I pulled out a package of boneless chicken thighs in the morning. When I got home from picking Theodore at his workshop, we got home  and put together the meal. He made the rice (and the rice cooker came in  handy for that!…) while I cut up the meat. While the rice cooked, we set the table and then about 10 minutes before the rice was finished, we cranked up the heat under the wok. When the oil was smoking, I threw in the pieces of chicken and Theodore stirred everything around. After about 4 minutes, the meat was nearly finished and so we threw in a package of frozen vegetables. At this point we added some Mr. Yoshida sauce that we keep in the refrigerator for such occasions. Once the veggies were done, we put them in a bowl and added the rice to some samll bowls and served up everything. It was delicious. We just needed a few small plates and chop sticks and we ready to eat. If you ever need a fast meal, just make sure that  you keep some chicken (or pork whatever meat suits you) and some frozen vegetables and you can also have a quick and easy meal!