Today Theodore made this wonderfully delicious gazpacho for the lunch that we were having with our friends, Carl and Eve Shy. It was called Moroccan Red Gazpacho. I found this recipe in Cooking Light and it seemed like the perfect dish to have on a day when the temperatures were in the 100s. The soup was a great variation on the typical gazpacho due to the addition of cumin , cinammon and garam masala spices to the soup. They really gave it a wonderful punch of flavor that everyone loved. Additionally the soup was thickened with some bread and pureed to make it almost creamy. This was truly one of the best summer soups that I have ever had and Theodore did a great job of making it. If today is any indication, then his cooking skills are definitely improving. I would recommend this soup to anyone who has a little time on their hands and wants to make something cool and refreshing for a summer meal. I have no doubt that we will be having this meal again later this summer!