Tonight Paula and I did not do any cooking. Instead we treated ourselves to a very tasty meal at a local restaurant. L’Uva is a restaurant designed to remind you of an Italian enoteca. The menu is not very large but everything is made on the premises and it was quite delicious. Paula started with a mixed salad that had some granny smith apple and toasted walnut sprinkled in it. That made for a delicious combination. I began with a beet salad. The beets were sliced thin and served with ricotta salata cheese and then topped with citrus vinaigrette. It was very good! For our main dish, I had the evening special – gnocchi with rock shrimp and a red pepper sauce. It was delicious. The flavor of the shrimp was infused into the sauce and made for a very tasty combination. Paula had the best dish of the night though. She had mushroom ravioli with a sherry-cream sauce. It was incredible. The mushroom ravioli were mouth watering! We spoke to the chef and he told us that he just used porobello and shiitake mushrooms with a small amount of ricotta cheese to hold it all together. They were absolutely amazing! On top of the wonderful meal, we also enjoyed a bottle of wine at half price. It was a sangiovese-cabernet sauvignon-merlot blend and was excellent! All in all, it was great getting the chance to spend an evening together, just the two of us!!