We are back from vacation. We had a great time on our holiday but due to the fact that we were traveling to lots of places, we did not do any cooking anywhere…except in New Hampshire. We stayed with our good friends, Charlie and Jo Bourke. They love food as much – and maybe more – than we do. Charlie is also a terrific cook so we let Theodore spend some time in the kitchen with him. Charlie gave him some lessons and shared with him some cooking tips as they cooked a few meals for us. He taught Theodore how to make an omelet. Charlie and Theodore also made a wonderful meal for all of us. Homemade pasta with saffron, lobster in a tomato-tarragon-shallot sauce, haricot verts and grilled corn. As the two of them cooked in the Burke’s amazing kitchen, Theodore was given lots of tips for using knives, making pasta and more. Charlie also shared with him some ideas for how to combine different ingredients. It was a wonderful opportunity for Theodore – like having his own cooking class! But that was our cooking experience. The rest of the time we sought out local places to eat and found some good ones along the route that our travels took us. We had terrific ice cream and seafood at the Sea Swirl in Mystic, CT, delicious BLT and other sandwiches at the iconic Liberty Elm diner in Providence, RI, and wonderfully authentic Chinese cuisine at A Single Pebble in Burlington, VT to name just a few. All in all, it was  great trip from every perspective!