Theodore is making Paula dinner tonight. He chose 4 or so recipes from our stockpile of magazines and she picked two of them for him to prepare for her to celebrate her birthday dinner. He just finished making Lemony Grilled Potato Salad that he found in June 2012 Cooking Light magazine. We found all the main ingredients (potatoes and red bell peppers) at the farmer’s market so it should be really tasty. He also used some of our wonderful stash of shallots instead of red onion. Theodore already tasted it and declared it was good. We will also have Lamb Burgers with Cilantro Raita, which was found in the same issue. It looks to be quite tasty. The lamb is combined with some ground beef to give it some extra flavor. A tangy yogurt sauce will be made to go on top. The sauce has mint, garlic  and cilantro blended into the yogurt along with some grated cucumber. It should be quite good on top of the burgers, providing a refreshing topping. All in all, this should make for a great dinner. Paula is excited that Theodore is cooking it for her. My mother is also coming over for the celebration and she is bringing ice cream cake for dessert. Yum!