Tonight TJ made the three of us a very delicious meal. He cooked Maple-Soy Chicken with a Citrus Couscous. First he made a sauce to coat the chicken. This was made with maple syrup, orange juice, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce. Then he coated or basted the chicken breasts with the sauce and cooked them in the oven. When the chicken was nearly done, he made the couscous. His cooking lesson for the day was that you need to measure out the ingredients for the couscous. He did not do that and just heated the water and sprinkled some couscous in the water. I had to work with it to make sure that it came together. But in the end, the couscous was quite tasty with the addition of the orange slices. I really hit the spot and everyone enjoyed it tremendously. We saved this recipe for a future date especially since it was so easy to make!