Paula cooked us a tasty meal this afternoon. It was Panko-Crusted Fish Sticks with Quinoa Cakes. Since the weather was quite inclement, all of us stayed inside. TJ did his homework, I did some work for school and Paula spent her time in the kitchen. She prepared some meals for the coming week.
For dinner tonight, she made these very tasty fish sticks. You combine a little milk and eggs in one bowl and have panko crumbs in another. Cut the fish into pieces. We used tilapia instead of the halibut called for in the recipe. Dip the fish in the milk-egg mixture, then in the crumbs and cook in a big saucepan until brown, about 4 minutes total. The recipe calls for making a sauce with mayo, sour cream, bread-and-butter pickles and capers. Easy and tasty.

We enjoyed the fish with quinoa cakes. She cooked the quinoa and sauteed some onions. Then she mixed the onions, quinoa and egg as a binder. Finally she made them into patties and cooked them in the skillet. They were quite tasty. Paula cut up some grape tomatoes and avocado as a topping for each quinoa cake. That added a bit more flavor and was just the right touch.

Panko-Crusted Fish Sticks Recipe