Paula and Theodore put together a “Garbure” tonight. It was a French ham and vegetable stew that Theodore picked out of the September 2012 Cooking Light. In case you read this and are wondering, he picked out all of the recipes this week! It is part of his “apprenticeship” for improving his cooking skills. The stew is made with turnips, some green vegetables, leek, onion, potatoes, smoked ham, and carrot. The stew is seasoned with herbes de Provence, fresh thyme, cider vinegar, garlic, chicken stock and salt and pepper. This was slow cooker recipe so Theodore cut up all the vegetables and meat on Sunday and Paula put it all in the crock pot to cook on Wednesday. It was very tasty and a great dish for the chilly weather that arrived this week!

Garbure (French Ham and Vegetable Stew) Recipe