Paula used the leftover turkey to make a simple turkey tetrazzini dish for dinner tonight. It was called “Get-Fit Tetrazzini” and she discovered it in the November 2012 Rachel Ray magazine. Paula cut up some of the turkey along with some mushrooms. She made a nice, thick cream sauce using some flour and vegetable broth. Then she mixed a batch of egg noodles into everything. The recipe called for adding cauliflower but we had some leftover peas and onions from Thanksgiving so Paula added that to the mixture instead of the cauliflower. She made this dish on Monday since she was going to be busy with her friend Charlotte today. This way, she could just take it out of the refrigerator when she got home. She topped it with some bread crumbs and heat it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes (until it was bubbling). This was a delicious meal and it definitely falls into the category of comfort food! We shared this meal with one of my former students, Eh Say Paw, who attends community college around the corner.

Get-Fit Tetrazzini