Tonight we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Theodore really loves pasta so when we need a fast meal, it is easy to just cook up some linguine or other pasta. We always keep pre-made meatballs that we buy at Costco in the freezer. Paula took out the meatballs and heated them in the microwave while the water was heating up to cook the pasta. While the pasta was cooking, we added some marinara sauce from a jar that we keep in the cupboard. (Barilla is our sauce of choice since it has the freshest flavor of all of the sauces that we have tried…). When everything was finished cooking, Theodore mixed it all together and plated our dishes. I put out some Parmesan cheese to add to my pasta. Additionally, we had some leftover crusty bread and so Paula toasted the bread and added some butter so that we could have it on the side. It not only tasted good but it also allowed us to soak up any extra sauce! Easy and delicious – especially after a long and busy week!