The weather turned sour today and so we stayed inside and just laid low. Paula slept because she had worked on Friday night. The two of us went grocery shopping early in the morning since the snow was really coming down and it was supposed to get slick later that day. While she slept, I graded some essays and Theodore did some homework. When she finally got up late in the afternoon, I put the pizza stone in the oven and made some pizza dough. Really easy. I put 3 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 package of yeast, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 cup of warm water into the Kitchen-Aid mixer. I mixed all the ingredients together and then kneaded the dough. While the dough was getting kneaded, I warmed up the small oven to about 150 degrees. After the dough was done, I put it in a bowl and let it sit in the warm oven (which I now turned off) for about an hour. About 30 minutes before we expected the dough to be done, I turned on the large oven to 475 degrees in order to get the pizza stone hot. When the dough had risen, Paula rolled it out and Theodore and her topped it with sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni and cheese (except on Theodore’s pieces!). We cooked it for 10 minutes and then enjoyed it while we watched a fascinating movie, Advice and Consent. Classic film from 1962 by Otto Preminger with a terrific cast. Good thing to do while it continued to snow outside and get colder and colder!