Theodore started taking driver’s education at school and that means that he has to stay at school from 4-7 PM each day so that he can complete his required classes.  That also means that we don’t get home until around 7:30 PM each night. Fortunately we have made some plans for dinner and so Paula cooks the meal, eats it and then leaves it for the two of us to enjoy when we get home. Tonight Paula was not working so she enjoyed the late meal with us. She cooked a marinated turkey tenderloin in the oven. It was marinated with teriyaki sauce and tasted delicious. She also made some rice and butter beans for us to enjoy with it. That turned out to be a good combination. Sadly, it was the last of the butter beans that we had in the freezer. We will have to wait until this summer when we can stock up on some again. All in all, it was a tasty meal and worth waiting for. It is just not fun to wait until almost 8 PM to eat. All of us will be glad when these classes end next Wednesday.