Paula made us barbecue tonight. She used her standard recipe from Bon Appetit. Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwiches. We had been waiting for some boston butt to go on sale and it finally did last week. We bought two of them and had the butcher cut them in half. The recipe is so delicious and works so well in a crock pot that we just mix up the mop on the evening before and rub the meat at the same time. The next morning, we just dump it all in the crock pot before going to work and when we come home the house is filled with the smell of delicious barbecue! Paula made some coleslaw (shredded cabbage, plain yogurt, mayonnaise, and caraway seeds – all mixed together in a bowl) and heated up a can of green beans. It was a most wonderful meal – and best of all, we had leftover barbecue to enjoy the following week. We plan to enjoy it again next Thursday when Paula is working and we need a fast meal!