We are leaving for Italy on Friday and so we are trying to clean out the refrigerator. We had a lot of leftovers sitting in the refrigerator and so we enjoyed them for the past two evenings. Today we had the other half of the 30-Minute Chicken Enchiladas that TJ and I made on Monday. It was really good, even on a second evening. Tomorrow night we will have some leftovers as well. Paula will make some chicken salad and TJ and I will  have some more leftovers. By that time we will have cleaned out the refrigerator and should be in good shape for the trip. Since we are leaving for 10 days, it will be good to leave the refrigerator relatively empty. Truthfully, sometimes leftovers can come in handy. It is easier to enjoy them since we make such good food. Well, I will be taking a leave for 2 weeks while the entire Brown family goes to Italy. But I will pick up again when I return at the end of the month.