Tonight we cooked up some pork chops for dinner after church. We didn’t season the pork chops but instead added some fig preserves that Paula had made the previous weekend. These preserves were an excellent way to enjoy the mild flavor of the pork!

Additionally, we cooked some okra to go with the pork chops. Theodore had been begging for some okra and I finally caved in and we bought some at the farmer’s market. Ms. Walker, the individual who sold us the okra, gave us a cooking idea. Heat an oven to 450 degrees. Cover the okra (whole) in some olive oil, salt and pepper and lay on a baking dish. Cook in the oven for about 15 minutes, perhaps a little longer if you don’t like the “slimy” texture of okra. Then you just need to take it out of the oven and enjoy! Theodore and I decided that this was a great – and easy – way to enjoy okra. We may end up having it again in another week!