Theodore requested knepp for dinner tonight so Paula obliged him since she did not have to go to work this evening.

As I have written before, Paula enjoyed this dish when she was growing up. She learned how to make it from her mother before she passed away and we have incorporated it into our family repertoire of comfort foods. Both Theodore and I enjoy it, especially when Paula cooks up a ham steak to go with it as she did tonight.

This simple Depression-era dish provides you with a lot of starch and make you feel full inside. That is always a good thing when the weather gets cold. Hopefully TJ will learn how to make the dish and pass it along to his kids someday.

The dish is just homemade flour noodles that are cooked in boiling water with cubed potatoes. Then they are mixed with a cream sauce made from flour and cream. When the noodles are done, Paula browns some bread in a frying pan and throws the bread in with the noodles and potatoes and cream sauce.  I prefer mine with lots of salt and pepper since there is not a lot of spices added to the dish during the cooking. Besides the ham steak, Paula usually cooks some baked beans with the meal. She did that again tonight and the three of us had a real treat!

All in all, it was a terrific comfort-food meal and hit the spot! Thanks Paula for making the effort to make us this tasty meal!