Our friend Eh Say and her mother came over for dinner tonight. She and TJ made fried rice for all of us. Paula prepped the meal while she waited for everyone to get home. She cut up the chicken, made some rice, cut up the carrots and celery and even made all of us a strawberry rhubarb pie.

The fried rice was really easy to make. First the two of them got the wok good and hot. Then they cooked up the chicken. When the chicken was almost done, they added the vegetables. As with all stir fry, they kept everything moving inside the wok. After they added the vegetables, soy sauce was added to the wok to give everything some flavor. After just a couple of minutes, when the vegetable were almost done, they added the rice along with some more soy sauce. Again, they kept stirring everything up until the rice was hot and cooked. That only took a few more minutes. Lastly, they added some eggs, cooked them and we were able to enjoy a delicious meal!

Oh, the strawberrry-rhubarb pie was also delicious!