I spent the day with TJ and his best bud, AJ. They were tasked with doing some work in the kitchen this morning. First, the two of them made some gnocchi. TJ had been wanting to make some for a while. The two of them made the gnocchi and we froze them so that we can enjoy them when Paula returns. (We may have to ask AJ to come over for that dinner!). The two guys also made Moroccan Gazpacho for dinner tonight. This recipe, which we found a few years ago in Cooking Light, has become our favorite summer gazpacho to make. It really is good. There are some rich spices in it that really help to highlight the fresh tomatoes that we can still get. When we were out running a few errands, I bought a baguette at the store to have with the soup. The three of us polished off the entire baguette! Fortunately there is a little bit of soup leftover to enjoy tomorrow when I have to stay late for a meeting and TJ has to run in a cross country meet. All in all, this was a great meal to enjoy on a quiet labor day!