With the onset of fall weather, we are starting to crave some of our comfort foods. Paula decided that she wanted to make some shepherd’s pie for dinner this week.

This recipe is one that she learned from her mother many years ago. She starts by browning at least 1 pound of ground beef. After draining the fat from the meat, she makes a beef gravy (beef broth that has been thickened with some flour…) and adds 1 can each of corn, peas and green beans. Once the base has been made, she makes mashed potatoes. This time she cooked 3 large russet potatoes. After they were cooked, she added 8 ounces of sour cream with a little butter and milk. They were extra creamy! Then she added the beef mixture to a baking pan and topped the mixture with the mashed potatoes. She cooked the entire thing for about 15 minutes at 375 degrees. Since it was going to be another busy week, she made enough of this wonderful comfort food for two nights. We plan to enjoy it again on Thursday when we need an easy meal while Paula works and TJ continues to run cross country.