We have been enjoying lots of leftovers for the past few days. One of the benefits of all the wonderful meals that we cook during the holidays is that we get to enjoy many of them a second time. Tonight Paula and I enjoyed the rest of our Christmas Eve Pasticcio meal and it was almost as good tonight as when we ate it last week. Last night we enjoyed leftover lasagna that Theodore had made to serve to families staying at the SECU Family House in Chapel Hill. He made so much lasagna that we ended up bringing some of it home when it wouldn’t all fit in the refrigerators there. He did a terrific job with making the lasagna, especially since this was the first time that he had ever made it. He also made a thick bolognese sauce to go with the lasagna that provided just the right amount of extra sauce to this rich dish. Excellent! Who says that leftovers are not enjoyable?!