Paula made knepp, ham and baked beans again tonight. We have this meal from time to time when we need something filling and comforting. This traditional meal is one that she grew up with. Her mom taught her how to make it and Theodore has come to love it. I have also learned to really enjoy it. The knepp noodles are pretty plain but as long as I can add salt and pepper, it is a tasty meal. Tonight she taught Theodore cut up and cook the noodles. He likes it so much that we felt like he needed to learn how to make them so that he can pass the dish along to his children some day. Tonight it was a family affair in the kitchen. Paula was cooking raspberry-ricotta cake, which was another post all by itself. I cooked the two big ham steaks and heated up the baked beans. Theodore cooked the potatoes and knepp noodles. When they were finished, Paula and Theodore made the cream sauce and finished up the preparation. It was a delicious meal that I enjoyed with a terrific beer, American Beauty Imperial Pale Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery (a beer made with granola in honor of the Grateful Dead).