Tonight I threw together a really easy – and fast – meal that I cut out of the newspaper. I cut up one medium Vidalia onion, 2 cups of tomatoes and added these to 2 cups of edamame beans and 1 can of corn. While these heated in a large skillet, I made 2 cups of chicken broth, which was added to the vegetables along with 2-3 cups of chopped ham. I seasoned this with some dry herbs from the cupboard (oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, garlic…but you can add whatever you wish.) I let this simmer for about 15 minutes. As the vegetable mixture simmered, I made 2 cups of rice. When all was done, I just put some of the rice in a bowl and topped it with the vegetable mixture. It was really simple to make and pretty tasty as well!

You could substitute chicken or shrimp for the ham if you desire. Additionally, you could substitute lima beans for the edamame beans and red bell pepper for the tomatoes…or add both them if you want to make a really large dish that lasts for several nights.