Paula made fried rice for dinner tonight. I cooked up some rice so we could have “leftover” rice to use to make the meal. Keeping the rice in the refrigerator dries it out a little and makes the fried rice come out less sticky. Paula chopped up some broccoli, julienned a few carrots and added some chopped rotisserie chicken to the wok along with some chopped onion. After cooking the vegetables for a couple of minutes, she removed them tossed in the rice and some soy sauce and cooked it until it started to brown. Finally she scrambled an egg in the wok and returned the vegetables again. All of it was tossed briefly to warm up everything. It was so easy and very tasty. This was one of the few meals that we did not eat together since Theodore and I ended up staying late at school because his practice was running late. As a result, Paula sadly ate by herself and the two of us ate together when we got home.