Paula was in the mood for burritos this week so we enjoyed them on Monday and Wednesday. One of the best things about burritos is that everyone can enjoy their own burrito just as they like them. Theodore likes his without cheese. I like mine with lots of cheese. The two of us pour on the hot sauce while Paula doesn’t add any.

Burritos can also be prepared ahead of time. I bought 2 pounds of ground beef and a few cans of refried beans at the grocery store. I then cooked them along with some taco seasoning on Sunday and we kept them in the refrigerator until we were ready to have dinner.

When dinner time arrived, I just pulled out the burrito mixture and some flour tortillas. Paula made each burrito and we heated them in the microwave. We also had some tomatoes, sour cream, shredded Mexican cheese in the house. All we needed was some salsa and TJ made some so that we could have it with the meal…and he could eat it in the evenings for his fourth meal.

Easy meal and tasty as well! And on top of all that, we even had enough meat-bean mixture for leftovers later in the week!