The grocery store had Boston Butt on sale so I suggested that we have barbecue for dinner this week. We haven’t made that in a few months. Paula prepared the pork by rubbing it on Sunday and letting it sit in the refrigerator along with the mop. She put it in the crock pot on Monday morning before she and TJ went to visit the culinary program at Alamance Community College.

She used her standard recipe from Bon Appetit. This recipe, Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwiches is absolutely fantastic. We have used it for most of our 20 years of married life. The recipe is so delicious and works so well in a crock pot that it is so easy to make and even better when we enjoy it with some baked beans and homemade cole slaw. When we come home and the house is filled with the smell of delicious barbecue, it is so wonderful! Paula also made some coleslaw (shredded cabbage, plain yogurt, mayonnaise, and caraway seeds – all mixed together in a bowl) and heated up a can of baked beans. It was a most delicious and simple meal – and best of all, we had leftover barbecue to later in the week when we needed another fast meal because Paula was working and did not have time to prepare anything.