I made a beef stir-fry for Paula and I tonight. This is a simple meal to make. First, I cut up some broccoli into bite-size pieces. Then I cut up a red bell pepper into thin strips. I also used the mandolin to slice up a red onion. We also had some some snow peas and shredded carrots in the refrigerator. I bought a piece of skirt steak at the grocery store last week. This was cut into thin strips, across the grain.

I cooked up some rice in our rice cooker. While the rice was cooking, I heated up the wok over high heat. I added some vegetable oil and then I cooked the vegetables for 3-4 minutes, adding some soy sauce for flavor. When the vegetables were cooked, I then added the meat and cooked it for another 2-3 minutes.

I put everything on a platter to serve. First, I put the rice on the platter and then I put the vegetables and meat on top. It was an easy and very tasty meal. Both of us enjoyed it together before Paula went to work. Theodore didn’t join us tonight. It was just a meal for the two of us…