Last night my son TJ cooked dinner for me, Paula, Paula’s dad and his wife. He made the meal for me as a gift to celebrate my birthday. I requested a simple meal. I asked him to cook me pasta with puttanesca sauce along with a Caesar salad. Puttanesca sauce, which is made with anchovies, Kalamata olives, capers, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, is a traditional Italian dish. It is so incredibly flavorful. The anchovies really bring out the savory flavors of the tomatoes and cheese. The olives and capers add a salty, briny flavor to the sauce. TJ also made a traditional Caesar dressing to go with the salad. He mixed egg yolks, oil, and some anchovy paste together in the food processor. Then he made some homemade croutons using some Italian bread that Paula had bought. The croutons and dressing were mixed together with chopped romaine lettuce.

All in all, it was a very tasty meal! Ron and Donna brought a nice bottle of red wine that went well with the pasta. After dinner, we enjoyed some biscotti and other treats that Paula had made while we played a fun game of Apple to Apples. I must say, it was a terrific way to celebrate my birthday!