Tonight I made pizza for dinner. We had a special guest come to visit, our dear friend Fiona. She had never seen the film, A Christmas Story. Fiona had never seen the movie and so we thought it would be fun to watch it with her. Each of us has our favorite scene. I think that my favorite scene is the one with the “leg lamp.” The movie is truly a classic and I encourage you to watch it if you have never had the opportunity.

Anyway, I made our  new favorite pizza dough using the 00 flour. When Fiona got to the house, I rolled out the dough. All of us added our toppings and then I cooked the pizzas. We had mushrooms and pepperoni available.

It turned out to be a cold evening, which was a good reason to stay inside and watch a holiday movie. With Christmas just 5 days away, it is time to start to get in the holiday spirit.