Last night Paula and I enjoyed the final portion of the lasagna that I made last month. I ended up making so much that we froze two portions to enjoy as leftovers. Tonight we finished it. But this recipe was so good that I have no doubt that I will make it again.

The cheeses that were used – Pecorino romano and fontina – just add so much flavor. The sauce that you make also helps to make it quite delicious. And, surprisingly, the use of the cottage cheese makes it extremely creamy. I had used ricotta cheese in the past because I am not a fan of cottage cheese. But it worked so amazingly well in this recipe that I won’t look at cottage cheese in the same way again.

If you are planning to host a dinner for some friends, I strongly encourage you to consider this recipe. Our friends enjoyed it tremendously and it froze quite well, which meant that we could enjoy it several times.