Paula and I enjoyed a Chinese Hot Pot for dinner tonight. When our dear friend Yali Jin was visiting us at Christmas, she made it for us. I watched carefully how she made it. We ended up having some ingredients left over and so Paula and I made it for the two of us tonight.

I made the hot pot broth while I was waiting for Paula to come home from work. I also cut up the daikon radish, bok choy and separated the enoki mushrooms. I also had the ramen noodles ready. When it was time to enjoy dinner, I had the various fish balls ready as well as the thinly sliced pork and tofu.

When Paula got home, we pulled up the table to the stove since we don’t have a true hot pot cooking pot for the table. As I cooked the various items (fish balls, meat, radish, and more), we would put them in a bowl where we could take what we desired. Each of us had added soy sauce, sesame oil, chopped garlic and a little hot pot sauce that we had mixed together in a smaller individual bowl.

After adding a bit of the hot pot broth, we added some noodles along with the various other ingredients and enjoyed! Thank you Yali Jin. We really appreciate you showing us how to make this delicious meal! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if you had been here to enjoy it with us!