As part of my effort to use some of the food that we have in our freezer, I made us some penne. I also heated up some bolognese sauce that we had in the freezer since Christmas. The penne was a good noodle to use since it allowed the thick sauce to cling to it. Farfalle or fusilli would also have been good to use.

I also made a simple salad for Paula and I. We had some mixed greens, cucumber and tomatoes in the kitchen so I just used those ingredients to make the salad. Paula and I used the croutons in the pantry as well as the salad dressing in the refrigerator.

It was quite tasty and allowed me to make a little bit more room in the freezer. That is a good thing since I am still trying to figure out how to cook for two people. Perhaps as I get better at doing that, we will have fewer leftover meals. Don’t get me wrong, the leftovers are really good. But I would also be quite happy trying something new every night since I have the time now!