Last night I made a simple dinner for Paula and myself. We had some frozen vegetable and a half of a pound of chicken tenders in the freezer. I made a portion of rice in the rice cooker. While the rice was cooking, I cut up the chicken into bite-size pieces. Then I added some oil to our wok. I cooked the chicken for about 5 minutes over high heat. Then I added the frozen vegetables and poured some Mr. Yoshida’s sauce that we have in the refrigerator over the vegetables. I continued to cook the vegetables in the wok for another 6-7 minutes. The sauce blended into the vegetables and the chicken while it cooked.

Paula and I put the rice and the chicken-vegetable mixture into bowls and served it up. It was quite easy and very tasty. It might have been better with some fresh vegetables but I decided to use some of the ingredients that we had in the freezer. We had bought the vegetables last spring when I was still working and we needed to keep something around for a fast meal. That is no longer a problem and so I am slowly moving to keep mostly meat in the freezer. Anyway, we enjoyed the meal together. These days it is really nice that Paula and I can enjoy our dinners in a more relaxed manner.